Game News · September 4, 2021 0

WoW Shadowlands Beta Release Date Announced

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The Shadowlands update broadcast by Blizzard took place last night. As the title suggests, the broadcast is entirely devoted to the upcoming expansion of the MMORPG World of Warcraft. There was some good news during the broadcast. The creators announced that all the elements of Shadowlands are ready. However, the beta version of the new expansion pack will be released next week, as additional testing and some details are required. Invitations to the beta will be sent to selected players who have reported their willingness to join. Click here to join the beta.

Blizzard representatives also confirmed that, according to current plans, the full version of Shadowlands will be released later this year, specifically in the fall. Unfortunately, the exact date has not been specified. Looking at the beta test launch and the release intervals of the full versions of previous expansion packs, we can think that November is the most likely date. Also, as the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, this could also affect the work on the plugin. While there is no exact date, it is possible that this fall will not be the final release date for Shadowlands.

The Shadowlands expansion was officially announced at BlizzCon at the beginning of November last year. As part of the new expansion, Azeroth’s greatest heroes will enter the Shadowlands, the underworld after Sylvanas creates a portal. According to the famous publisher Asmongold, Shadowlands, which it tested alpha version a while ago, has a chance to be the best add-on pack in World of Warcraft history. We’ll find out about that in the next few months.