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World of Warships Picks Best Marine Tattoo

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Wargaming continues to organize creative events exclusive to the World of Warships universe. In the game, which has many quotes from history, the players have a pleasant time with new events organized for special days. In this competition, the best tattoo for the National Tattoo Day celebrations will win!

In celebration of National Tattoo Day, Friday, July 17, the developers of World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are asking players to showcase their tattoos for their photo contest! Many prizes await the winners and participants of the competition.

World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends invite fans and community members to share images of nautical tattoos so they can win awards and show off their tattoo creativity, to celebrate the tattoo culture intertwined with maritime history and design an upcoming ship camo. From July 17 until July 24, players will be able to submit their images. From July 24 to July 31, players will vote for the tattoos listed. The winning tattoos will be announced by 13 August 2020.

World of Warships Executive Producer Philip Molodkovets, “Tattoos have been a part of naval culture since Captain Cook’s first voyage to Polynesia in the 1770s. For centuries, sailors adorned their bodies with recognizable tattoos to appease the sea gods. Over the years, the art of tattooing has become a common form of personal expression, a way to show that you are passionate. That’s why we wanted to show the incredible bond between our community and the sea with this tattoo contest. ”, stating the importance of this event’s place in the Warships universe.

You can learn more about the nautical tattoo tradition in the World of Warships animated series.

Developers to Design New Camouflage from Images in the Contest

World of Warships developers also announced that they will create an entirely new camouflage inspired by the tattoos presented during the competition. The new in-game camouflage set will be a memento to celebrate National Tattoo Day.

World of Warships Tattoo Contest Prize Packs:

  • The person whose tattoo gets the most votes will receive a $1,000 gift card at the tattoo parlor of his choice,
  • World of Warships or World of Warships: Legends camouflage pack for 100 random senders of their tattoos,
  • 100 people who vote for the tattoos will receive a random gift camouflage package.

You can visit here for competition rules and more detailed information.