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World of Warship Full Road Ahead with New German Aircraft Carriers

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World of Warship Full Way Ahead with New German Aircraft Carriers! With the 0. 9. 7 update coming to World of Warships, 4 new German aircraft carriers came to the game. Many more have been updated, including the new rank system and Port of Hamburg. With the new updates to the game, the players continue to enjoy the game in a quality way.

World of Warships has announced the release of the new 0.9.7 update, which introduces the highly anticipated German aircraft carriers. New German aircraft carriers take part in naval battles, including Tier IV Rhein, Tier VI Weser, Tier VIII August von Parseval and Tier X Manfred von Richthofen, and are now available to all players to experience.

The historical German aircraft carriers in World of Warships, World of Warships. It was designed during World War II and some were even partially built. However, it was never deployed or launched. In World of Warships, this new type of ammunition, attack aircraft, is equipped with armor-piercing rockets that, if successful, can do heavy damage to enemy strongholds. German bombers carry armor-piercing bombs that are most effectively dropped on slow targets. Torpedoes are short-range and fast, but only do moderate damage. Although the planes themselves have high cruising speeds, they will meet the players as a bit fragile about HP pools.

New German planes and German navy content for players

Update 0. 9. 7 brings a new large in-game collection called “German Navy”. The collection features unique content such as emblems, ships, planes, uniforms and historical figures that pay homage to the history of the German navy in the first half of the 20th century. Initial contents will drop from new German Navy containers that can be obtained by completing combat missions and directives in the arsenal. Players who complete the collection will have the right to use a second flag and the opportunity to use an alternative color scheme for German ships.

Alongside the German aircraft carriers, three new ships will be introduced with the release of update 0. 9. 7. These include the Tier IX German Armored Pommern, ready to fight with torpedoes, effective secondary guns and 12 380 mm guns, the Tier VI German carrier Erich Loewenhard, which carries high-explosive bombs instead of the armor-piercing feature of dive bombers, and the Erich Loewenhard, with the right weapons but weak armor, suitable for long-range attacks. Tier X Soviet battleship Slava.

Update 0. 9. 7 brings a new 3vs3 rank system with Tier IX ships, new unique enhancements added to the research office in the arsenal, a revamped Port of Hamburg and other technical improvements.

World of Warship Full Way Ahead with New German Aircraft Carriers! More information on Update 0. 9. 7 can be found here. To register for World of Warships for free now http://www. worldofwarships. Go to eu/.

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