Game Development · September 1, 2021 0

Valuable Advantages for Adventurers with New Updates in the Black Desert Universe

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New updates keep coming to Black Desert TurkeyMENA to improve the game and offer different content to Adventurers. With new updates coming this week, Adventurers will enjoy discovering new items and events!

Pearl Abyss announced today that several updates have arrived in Black Desert TurkeyMENA that offer valuable rewards. Adventurers will be able to collect these rewards to make their characters stronger and have more advantages.

New Updates Also Includes Events

Along with this, the new Adventure Diary, “The Miscellaneous Books of Pavino Greko” has been added. Lv. Adventurers who are 56 and above will be able to complete the new diary by receiving quests from the Black Spirit.

In-game events such as dice rolling and Hot Time events will also be held this week. Adventurers will be able to take advantage of these events to earn additional rewards that can strengthen their character.

For more information about Black Desert TurkeyMENA, you can visit the official website.