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Valley’s Summer Challenges Get Great Attention on Nimo TV

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The number of unique people who followed the broadcasts in the first 4 weeks on Nimo TV, the live broadcasting platform that announced that it is the official broadcast partner of Vodafone FreeZone Championship League, exceeded 120,000. Nimo TV, which continues to receive positive feedback from the audience with its new agreement to reach larger audiences across Turkey, locked the League of Legends audience to their own screens with special events for live broadcasts.

Vodafone FreeZone Championship League brings together the competition of the best teams with the audience every year. With many star players, competitive teams and the challenges in the valley, they have made their mark on the year and manage to maximize the excitement in the league. This summer, Nimo TV joined the stars in order to increase the excitement and join the struggle. The platform, which has hosted the struggles of many teams since June 6, also offers the audience a lot of fun content and wins prizes. The number of spectators, who could not get enough of the entertaining content and the fierce struggle, reached 117,433 in the 4th week!

With the broadcast of VFŞL Summer Season 2020 on Nimo TV since the start of this season, many viewers come together on the platform for the teams they want to support. With the fierce struggle of many teams, the support of the audience comes to life with Nimo TV. VFŞL Summer Season 2020 League, which could not meet with the audience offline due to the pandemic, continues to meet with its audience online with the agreement with Nimo TV as its broadcast partner. In this way, players can be motivated by getting support from the audience.

21,400 TL worth of RP and more on Nimo TV

Throughout the summer struggles, RP continues to be distributed to the audience during the matches. The most watched match among the fights so far has been the Galactikos and Papara SuperMassive match. As Snowflower and KaKAO’s first matches in Turkey, the total number of spectators reached 23,522 during the match. During these matches, RP awards worth 21,400 TL in total were distributed to the audience for 4 weeks. The audience is having fun and winning!

Entertaining Content for the Audience Joining the Struggle

With the VFŞL Summer Season 2020 on Nimo TV, the audience has the chance to win many awards thanks to this collaboration. Thanks to the wheel that Nimo TV offers to its audience, everyone who is a partner in the struggle can win prizes by spinning the wheel. Among these awards, there is a grand prize such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as gaming equipment and a gaming chair.

The audience, who try their luck with the wheel, can talk about their experiences with a completely different content. With this content that Nimo TV provides to its audience, everyone gets a chance to guess for the game. While supporting your favorite team with Nimo TV different, you can earn rewards by making predictions about who will kill the first dragon and baron during the match.

In addition to all these content, Nimo TV offers a new content to continue to bring awards to its audience. With the “Choose Me” content, those watching the match can be seen by the person they commented on by highlighting their comments. The commenter, on the other hand, can earn RP by choosing from among the comments. These RP amounts vary between 1780 and 840 depending on the games.

With different content and interactive experiences, Nimo TV will continue to increase the dose of entertainment.