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Transformers Takes Its Place in the World of Warships Universe

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Legends continue to take their place in the World of Warships universe. Thanks to its collaborations, the Wargaming team has taken a big step again this time, giving its players the opportunity to experience different experiences! Wargaming and Hasbro announced that they have joined forces to place Autobots and Decepticons in World of Warships, the world’s leading naval warfare game.

Wargaming and Hasbro have announced that thanks to an exciting new collaboration, Tranformers is coming to PC and World of Warships: Legends consoles, the popular naval combat game World of Warships for a limited time.

Four iconic Transformers characters will initially appear in the game as their voice-overs, well-known traits, unique ship grabs and commanders. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will represent the Autobots, while Megatron and Rumble will take their place in the game to perpetuate the eternal evil of the Decepticons.

https://youtu. be/UnGP42M6Dig

The Transformers legend is now in naval battles!

Transformes series, which has many fans around the world and has become a legend with the great interest it has seen for years, is preparing to leave its mark in the World of Warships universe. With this great project, players will continue to have different experiences.

World of Warships Executive Producer Philip Molodkovets shared his thoughts on this important collaboration: “Generations have been bred with the Transformers series. From the animated series of the 1980s to the latest movies, we are immediately fascinated by the robot characters that captivate our imaginations. Having the chance to feature them in World of Warships has been a reality for many of us. Our love for great, epic metal warriors is mutual! That’s why we took special care to bring the legendary battleships and Transformers characters to life side by side, on a true scale!”

The upcoming Transformers collaboration with World of Warships will bring a host of other new content, including exclusive Transformers containers, special in-game missions and combat missions, obtainable camouflages, commemorative flags, patches, and more.

Mark Blecher, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business at Hasbro, “We are excited to bring the Transformers brand to life in World of Warships. Combining the power of battleships and Transformers adds a whole new dimension to combat for both franchise fans.” he said.