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Top 15 Things to Do for Minecraft Beginners

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15 Punching a Tree

In the beginning you have nothing, you have no tools, you have no weapons, you have no shelter, you have nothing. The first thing you should do is equip yourself with some tools. To do this, climb the nearest tree and start punching until the wood falls, don’t worry it won’t hurt your character.

Wood is the basic building block you will use for the rest of the game. Collect lots of logs and then open your inventory to turn logs into boards. Use four boards on your mini crafting grid to create a Crafting Bench and open up a world of possibilities.

14 Stone Age

Build yourself a wooden pickaxe using this Crafting Bench. To do this, make a series of sticks and use sticks with wooden planks to do the digging. If you don’t know how to dig, you can dig by following the steps here. Having a crafting guide is highly recommended as there is so much to prepare and it will save you hours of trial and error to figure out what you can and cannot build.

Use this wooden pickax to collect a bunch of stones, and then use the stone to craft stone versions of a pickax, axe, hoe, shovel, and sword. With these tools in your arsenal, you’re ready to take the next step.

13 Build a shelter

As there are monsters known as mobs that show up at night to attack you at nightfall. in Minecraft is very dangerous. Later these mobs will become another cog in your machine to advance, but in the beginning they are your biggest threat.

The best way to avoid this would be to kill the sheep and make beds with the wool you get from the sheep and the wood you collect. Unfortunately, sheep are only found in certain biomes, so you can spend your first night hiding inside. You can make your shelter from earth, wood or stone.

12 Find Food

Now that you have a shelter to survive the night, your next challenge will be to properly feed your character. Every action in the game like mining, running, healing and jumping will cost starvation. When the bar is full, your character will naturally heal from any injury, but you will starve a little and stop healing.

If your hunger bar continues to drop, you will be unable to run and you will begin to lose health as you eventually starve. In the beginning you can get some basic food items like meat from animals, fish, berries, apples from oak trees and even rotten meat from zombies to keep yourself alive.

11 Light

Monsters in the game hate light, so they don’t appear until night. Keeping the inside of your shelter bright will prevent any mobs from spawning inside. To do this, you need torches. If you don’t know how to make a torch, you can easily get a torch by following the steps here.

10 Find a Cave

With a basic supply of shelter, food, tools and torches, your next step is to find a cave. Caves are naturally formed tunnels and crevices in the environment that extend underground. Caverns range in size from small rooms barely big enough for you to stand on, to large complex tunnels that reach the lower levels of the game’s underground. At the same time, caves can be useful as large underground bunkers and to gather raw materials, which is your next step to survival.

9 Gather Raw Materials

By now you’ve probably had to change your stone tools a few times and want to switch to something better. Your next technological level is iron found primarily underground. If you’ve found a good cave complex, this part makes it a lot easier, otherwise you’ll have to dig your way up and build a mine. The most important mineral for you at first will be iron. As iron is one of the most easily found mines, it is also difficult to extract. You will need an iron pickaxe for this, then you will need to extract the iron and make ingots. If you don’t know how to make iron ingot, you can get it here.

8 Iron Age

When you have enough iron ingots, do the following items in this order; pickaxe, sword, bucket, helmet, boots, gloves, armor, ax and maybe a shovel. Iron tools are much more durable and much more efficient than stone tools. Depending on your iron stores, you may need to resort to stone tools from time to time.

Your number one priority so far is to always have an iron pickaxe on you. Important and valuable blocks such as gold, redstone and diamond can only be mined with an iron pickax. If you use anything else, you’ll destroy the block without getting the valuables in, so first of all make sure you have an iron pickaxe.

7 Start Farm

By now your food sources should be running low and you will need to start planning for a more sustainable solution, then hope that the apples will fall or destroy local wildlife. This is where the hoe you made earlier comes in handy.

Create a small pool of water near your base using the bucket you prepared. Use your hoe to plow through the water in rows of grass blocks up to four blocks away from the water. Now run around and chop up all the grass growing around you to collect seeds and plant these seeds in the prepared blocks. After a few days, you will find that brown wheat is ready to be harvested, which can be turned into bread and provide you with a renewable food source.

6 Animals

Having a crop farm is fine, but animals need to be raised to get better food that will keep you fuller longer and quench more hunger. There are several options, including cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.

Find 5 Diamonds

Diamonds are among the rarest gems in the game and also the most useful. From diamonds, the player can create diamond-grade tools and gear with the highest damage, durability, and protection.

4 Upgrade Home Security

At this point, the player most likely has a wooden house or hut surrounded by a few torches and the farms they’ve built. However, mobs, especially reptiles and skeletons, can still be an issue. Spiders also have the ability to climb onto the roof of a building, which can cause some unwanted surprises.

Flat roofs should be lit with torches or made of slabs, a block where mobs cannot spawn. It’s also a good idea to at least build a stone roof in case a storm rolls around, hitting the building and causing a fire. Wood may look beautiful, but stone is much safer because it can prevent fire hazards.

3 Create a Nether Portal

There is a lot of exploration to be done in the world, but those who want to advance in the game will eventually want to move on to another dimension known as the Nether. To build a portal to the Nether, the player must mine 10 blocks of obsidian, which can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. Then place them in a two-by-three doorway. Corners can be another block. The portal needs to be illuminated with flint and steel, made by combining flint and iron ingot from shovel gravel and flint.

2 Find Nether Fortress

The Nether in its current state is a monotonous cave-like environment with tons of lava lakes, drips, and awe. They are also full of zombie pigmen, which will not attack the player unless provoked.

1 Plan Your Next Steps

What you do from here is entirely up to you and your imagination. Dozens of biomes to explore, other dimensions to explore, various mobs to fight, machines to build, resources to collect, all of which will allow you to build truly amazing things.