Game News · September 8, 2021 0

The Gaming Industry Has Grown Up Due To The Coronavirus

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The video game industry has been doing very well in recent years, showing impressive and steady growth. However, according to the new report published by The NPD Group, the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home bans gave the industry an even greater boost.

32 million people currently play games in the US, more than in 2018, meaning that three in four Americans are now gamers. The number of people playing games less than five hours a week decreased to 39%, while the number of people playing games for 15 hours and less than 15 hours increased to 32% and 20%, respectively.

Multipurpose devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs are still the platforms of choice, but more people are spending their time playing games on more devices than ever before, and this category has increased from 59% to 65%.

Where things get interesting is that the report examines specific questions about gamers during the pandemic: 94% of respondents said they interacted more with their console and 6% said they purchased additional gaming hardware. 35% of people said they started playing more games because they stayed at home.

This report was released just days after NPD Group cut its sales figures for June. Sony has also increased their PlayStation 5 production due to the increase in the gaming industry.

Last week, the Game Developers Conference released a report revealing the impact of the epidemic on game makers. While some are experiencing a decline in terms of jobs, more than 30% of respondents said there is greater demand for their titles.