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The expected CS:GO Source 2 Update May Have Been Canceled

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CS:GO was first released in 2012 and has remained on the original Source engine ever since. The Source engine was designed in 2004, eight years ago. Rumors of an update where we can play the iconic FPS game with the more contemporary Source 2 engine have been circulating for a while.

In the first half of 2020, employees at the company took the rumors online, claiming that such an update could be released immediately. Tyler McVicker, owner of Valve News Network, set May 18 as the definitive date for the CS:GO overhaul. However, recent developments have demolished McVicker’s claims.

Valve fan McVicker, who has a respected track record of accurate leaks and insider leaks, reported that the Source 2 update will not be released.

According to McVicker, the reason behind the cancellation of the project was simply “too much work”. “There was a meeting and a decision was made,” he said.

The major Source update was to improve for improved visuals and gameplay mechanics, similar to the Fortnite update in February 2020. Leaked lines of code in a Dota 2 update indicated that Source 2 would have improved rendering, shadows, and skyboxes.

McVicker mentioned that these changes helped upgrade the game’s features, but there was a factor that hindered the transition. “The developers have been working on this for two years. “They were able to migrate the game but not the community content.”

From custom game modes to brand new maps and more, community-created content has been an integral part of the CS:GO experience. The ever-expanding library of player creations seems to be what currently holds the game back from the Source 2 engine.

“A huge backlog is needed to easily play and migrate community-created CS:GO content. If they succeed, then the update will come. But right now that doesn’t seem possible. ” he continued.

While this issue has stopped the update for now, the game may be making its way to the Source 2 engine. So there is hope if the community content issue can be resolved.