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The 20th Anniversary Edition of The Lord Of The Rings Board Game Announced

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Fantasy Flight Games recently revealed The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Anniversary Edition. The Lord of the Rings: Board Game was first released in 2000, but the new version will be released with quality upgrades. The Anniversary Edition is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Lord of the Rings: Board Game Anniversary Edition (LTR20) will replace the classic co-op game that debuted 20 years ago. The new LTR20 edition incorporates the John Howe art and Reiner Knizia design elements from the previous version and brings with it several newly designed miniatures, with markers, pawns and dice.

In LTR20, the Ring bearer will control the fate of Frodo Baggins of the Shire, establish the Fellowship of the Ring (you and up to four other players), embark on a journey through Middle-earth to destroy the Ring, evade the evil forces of the dark Lord Sauron and you will beat them. LTR20 offers gameplay that spans the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, including the dark depths of Moria, the Battle of Helm’s Deep, the gloom of Shelob’s Lair, and the desolation of Mordor.

In the 2000 edition of the game, the tokens, markers and game pattern were in the form of cardboard coins. In LTR20, everything was done in the form of plastic sculpted miniatures, including all the Hobbits, Sauron, and the Ring. Each miniature is designed in detail, from the hobbit’s furry feet to the frightening new Black Rider miniature that replaces the previous cardboard Sauron coin. Even the ring now has authentic elvish engraving and will fit neatly into the base of the ring bearer when you want to use it.

During your quest to destroy the Ring, you’ll play across four game boards, each for Moria, Helm’s Deep, Shelob’s Lair, and Mordor. You’ll progress through quest paths depicting combat, friendship, stealth, and travel, and use quest cards to collect runes, help defend against Sauron’s life tokens and his corruption, quickly end conflicts, or hide quest cards to avoid them altogether. And during all this, you will have to constantly keep vigil on the path of corruption. If Sauron finds the Ring-bearer, he claims the Ring, and the game and Middle-earth are over!