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Terrmian Water Park Summer Festival Begins in Black Desert Turkey&MENA!

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The Summer Season continues in the Black Desert universe with a variety of content and reward-packed quests. Adventurers develop their characters while enjoying the summer. Full summer fun continues with Terrmian Water Park!

Pearl Abyss has announced that Adventurers can continue to enjoy the summer with the long-awaited Terrmian Water Park in Black Desert TurkeyMENA. In addition, Adventurers who think they have gained enough experience on the Season Server will be able to earn early graduation and completion rewards.

Adventurers can now spend the rest of the summer at Terrmian Waterpark, which has made a nice comeback with more exciting festivities. Open until August 26, Terrmian Waterpark will offer more than 10 event missions, including various mini-games where Adventurers can collect Exclusive Terrmian Coins and Insignia. Adventurers can then use these coins and badges to purchase decorative decorations and special in-game items.

Adventurers Graduate with Summer Festivals

The Summer Season has ended for Adventurers who feel they have gained enough experience on the Season Server. Adventurers can now graduate early and change season characters to regular characters. Graduate Adventurers who complete the special quest will also be able to receive spring season completion rewards, including PEN(V) Capotia accessories and Valks’ Advice.

Also revamped is Naderr’s Tape, an ancient spell unearthed by the Sorcerers of Tarif. This spell will allow Adventurers to trade their upgrade mid-rise chance through Black Spirit. Lv. Those who reach 58 will be able to expand the Naderr’s Tape slot with the quest reward they can obtain by accepting the Naderr’s Tape questline.

In addition, Black Desert PC and Black Desert Mobile promotional videos for Cursed collaboration, one of the new original contents of Pearl Abyss and Netflix, which were announced last week, were also released.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Black Desert TurkeyMENA.