Game News · September 11, 2021 0

Teen Spent Nearly $20,000 on Twitch Donations Using Mom’s Debit Card

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The rapid development of the technology world day by day can cause interesting events to occur. Finally, one teen managed to spend a total of close to $20,000 through Twitch donations.

The young boy’s mother said in a statement that he made donations to Twitch using his debit card for two weeks in June, and most of these donations were made to Twitch broadcasts and professional gamers.

Almost all of the money was returned to the bank account by contacting Xsolla, which Twitch works with for payments. Our young friend can now play games for only one hour a day.

It is not new for children to spend large sums of money on such platforms over time. Apple had to reimburse at least $32.5 million in 2014 as a result of children making in-app purchases. A few years later, Microsoft paid a family $8,000 back for spending their son playing FIFA on Xbox.