Game Development · August 17, 2021 0

Summer Festivals Continue in Black Desert Turkey&MENA

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Summer season celebrations continue in Black Desert TurkeyMENA. Adventurers continue to celebrate the arrival of summer with special events, while at the same time strengthening their classes by earning many valuable rewards. Having strengthened their class through special events and celebrations, Adventurers are more ready than ever to battle their opponents!

Pearl Abyss announced today that various special events are continuing as part of the summer festivities in Black Desert TurkeyMENA. With special events added today, Adventurers will have a chance to win a huge amount of rewards and items.

The traveling Golden Company returns to the Black Desert universe. Adventurers who defeat monsters will be able to get valuable Gold Imp Coins, while they will be able to get Gold Community Coins through the challenge. Gold Community Coins can also be obtained through special missions. The coins obtained can be exchanged for various items, including Valks’ Advice and Shakatu’s Shiny Box.

Adventurers who log into the game regularly win

“Cool Time Challenge!” held to refresh the hot summer days. The event will take place in the game with special rewards until July 15th. Adventurers who log into the game during the event will be able to earn items such as High-Quality Elixir Box and Item Drop Increase Scroll, depending on their game time.

Moreover, the Login Rewards event has been renewed and is currently offering many valuable rewards. Adventurers who log into the game every day until August 5 will be able to earn a variety of items, such as the Black Stones and the Pearl item, the Sorcerer’s Ghost.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Black Desert TurkeyMENA.