Game News · September 9, 2021 0

STALKER 2 Coming to Xbox Series X

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During Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event, the company presented a STALKER 2 trailer for the Xbox Series X. This was the first time a first-person series of a horror game on consoles.

The trailer released by the company features an overview of spooky environments, from an abandoned playground to a derelict underground train. The trailer also features anomalies such as cars and the crumpling of the surrounding nature.

In an announcement on the Xbox blog, the studio revealed how to play as STALKER, a bounty hunter who enters contaminated territory setting a treasure and secret. Monsters within the “Zone” will live in a simulated world and interact with each other. There’s also a branching storyline with lots of different endings based on your choices.

The STALKER series takes place in the area affected by the Chernobyl disaster, which is full of mutated creatures, groups struggling for control and strange natural events. The first game was released in 2007, but the series has been dormant since 2009. STALKER 2 is expected to be released in 2021. The game will also come to PC.