Game News · September 5, 2021 0

Season One of SnowRunner Coming with New Content

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The first season of SnowRunner, focused on search and rescue, will premiere on July 15. It will offer many new features, including a snowy map and vehicles in Russia. Additional content will be available for free to season pass owners and the premium version of the game, but can also be purchased separately. There will also be free content (mostly quests) for those who still want to have fun with the base game. Thanks to the co-op mode, players who do not have access to the first season will be able to enjoy the content by joining the fun with their friends.

Season one will also introduce new gameplay mechanics that will force virtual truck drivers to take a slightly different approach to missions. We will encounter an icy lake on the snow-covered map, which must be navigated very carefully, and we will be able to explore icy areas thanks to a new “Prototype Reconnaissance Unit”.

Meanwhile, the previous game in the series, MudRunner, will launch on Android and iOS mobile devices on July 15.

Finally, we leave you with screenshots promoting the first season of SnowRunner.