Game News · September 2, 2021 0

Screenshots Leaked From Watch Dogs Legion

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One of the hottest topics of recent days was the leaked gameplay video of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. If you want to watch the video, click here. Ubisoft must be having a hard time keeping their stuff private, as footage of yet another game has been leaked. While the leak isn’t video this time around, it includes four new screenshots from Watch Dogs: Legion.

Although the images leaked from a game announced a long time ago do not create a big event, the leaked images this time are quite interesting. In the footage we see three characters (a spy, a football hooligan and a police officer) where we can control their game equipment and unique abilities.

The spy will use a weapon with a silencer, a watch that can jam enemy weapons, and a car with active optical camouflage and rockets. In turn, he will be able to seek help from his hooligan friends and take less damage when drunk.

The screenshot of the female cop shows a scene from the game in the city, not from the character screen, as in the case of the spy and hooligan. Thanks to the uniform, the hero will gain access to many restricted places. He will use a baton as a weapon, and his abilities will include the ability to bail arrested team members.

The last screenshot draws attention because the article on the wall says September 16. Some fans suspect that this is the planned release date for Watch Dogs: The Legion, but it could also be the date of an event in the game.

Watch Dogs: Legion will arrive on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia streaming platform. The new game will be shown on Ubisoft Forward on July 12. The full version of Watch Dogs 2 will be available for free during the presentation.