Game News · September 11, 2021 0

Red Dead Online Players Say Its Latest Update Is Faulty

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A recent Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update added the Naturalist specialization, an animal-focused role that gives players more ways to interact with the game’s wildlife. However, some players claim that their horses have been acting a little strange since the new update was released.

As reported by Kotaku, the changes that came with the update to the game were noticed by many Reddit users. One Reddit user asked, “Is it just because my horse is acting weird or is it more stupid than usual?” asked. After this sharing, many Reddit users stated that similar situations occurred in them.

Some of her complaints include blatant mistakes, such as horses disappearing, ignoring calls, and flying overhead. But others have shared various videos to check if the horses are behaving more stupidly than usual or if they’re just just unlucky.

These players stated that their horses suddenly disappeared, tripping riders over obstacles and making it difficult to control even with horses they have owned for a long time.

It seems that while the problematic update has been live for over a week, the issue has not been confirmed by Rockstar’s support account. It seems that players will play the game with the troubled horses until the next update comes.