Game News · September 7, 2021 0

Razer Announces Huntsman Mini, A Keyboard Without Arrow Keys!

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Razer, the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to gaming equipment, has announced the Huntsman Mini, a 60 percent keyboard. The keyboard, which is designed for gamers who like to use special keys, does not have a numeric keypad, arrow keys and function keys.

Razer has produced keyboards in different sizes, including the full-size and 80 percent tenkeyless Huntsman TE, but this 60 percent model keyboard is the smallest it has ever produced. And despite its small size, the keyboard, which at first glance seems lacking, lacks all the functions. There are alternative functions on each key that you can activate by holding down the Fn key.

The Huntsman Mini will be launched in black and mercury white, and gamers will be offered a choice of two optical switches: click or linear, the Clicky version will launch today for $119.99, while the linear switch keyboard will launch this summer for $129.99. Razer claims to have made major improvements to the first-generation linear switches in terms of noise reduction, so the Huntsman Mini will be quieter than other keyboard models. The expected lifespan of both keyboard models is 100 million keystrokes.

Looking at the hardware aspect, the Huntsman Mini has a bold yet lightweight look with its aluminum casing, Each key is backlit with RGB LEDs and you can customize it via Razer Synapse software. Razer uses double-shot PBT gauzes that resist lettering or wear and tear and shine enhancement. The keyboard connects to your PC via USB-C.