Game News · August 27, 2021 0

PS1 Splash Screen Logo Revealed To Actually Be 3D

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The PS1 splash screen is one of the most iconic images of fifth-generation video game consoles, but it’s been keeping a secret all this time. Despite its static appearance, many believe it is a 2D model that has been manipulated to appear 3D, the PS1 logo is actually a 3D model with the P and S available as two separate pieces.

Twitter user Scuttlepunk first revealed this interesting fact to us with an image that shows the boot logo from an alternate angle. Programmer Lilith then posted a video of the logo moving in real time to show some more.

Video game splash screens are known to be objects of nostalgia for many fans. When the PS5 and Xbox Series X first launched in 2020, many fans wondered how splash screens might look compared to their predecessors. Xbox Series X recently added the original Xbox animated background as a starter option.