Game News · September 7, 2021 0

Phil Spencer Reveals He Doesn’t Regret Shutting Down Mixer

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In June, Microsoft announced that it was shutting down its streaming service Mixer after Ninja and Shroud left to venture elsewhere on the platform. Now, Spencer has said he doesn’t regret his decision to shut down Mixer.

Spencer, Gl. “When you try to scale something up to the scale it needs and you can’t get there, it’s definitely a disappointment,” he told Biz. “I don’t have any regrets. You make decisions with the best information you have at the time, you put in the best effort, and we’re in a creative industry after all. We’re in a hit-driven industry.”

Spencer explained that he is proud of Microsoft for being a company that is not afraid to try new things even when it is not working.

Mixer stepped into the market as a platform called Beam, which Microsoft acquired from the founders who passed in 2016. Microsoft reportedly paid $10 million to stream on Mixer alone and purchased Ninja from his $30 million contract when Microsoft shut down Mixer. Mixer’s highlights were its low latency and high streaming quality, and Microsoft was giving away prizes during live-streamed events such as press conferences where viewers were connected to their Microsoft accounts.