Game Development · September 9, 2021 0

Pearl Abyss Introduces Shadow Arena’s New Hero Gorgath

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Shadow Arena, one of the new Battle Royale games of 2020, continues to add new heroes with new updates. Players will be able to experience Gorgath, the 13th hero with the latest update to the game.

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new hero Gorgath has arrived in Shadow Arena. Players can now experience the game’s 13th character and bombard their enemies with rocks.

The great chemist Gorgath has the skills to attack enemies with rocks and take control of an area. He can throw rocks from afar or explode them to damage nearby enemies. With these skills, players will be able to interact with other opponents while at a distance. In addition, Gorgath can craft random items using Forbidden Alchemy. Depending on the skill level of Forbidden Alchemy, the items to be obtained can also be rare items.

Rank System Update and Ranking Points

Ranking System was renewed by separating Rank Points and Ranking Points. Rank Points will be updated based on the result of each game, determining which rank a player will place.

Moreover, the cooldown of Becoming a Black Spirit is reduced when players are affected by an Area Control (CC) skill such as Stun and Stun. Players will be able to use Black Spirit to escape any situation faster.

You can click here to watch the promotional video of the new hero Gorgath and follow the official website, Discord, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts for more information.