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OZAN ​​Agreed with Gaming in Turkey, a Gaming and Esports Agency

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Financial technology (fintech) company OZAN has signed another strong business partnership. OZAN, which is preparing to enter the Turkish market quickly, has agreed with Gaming in Turkey, Turkey’s best gaming and esports agency, for its game marketing strategy and esports projects.

With the “OZAN” brand, Ozan Payment Services and Elektronik Para A. has entrusted its strategy and marketing actions in the field of gaming and esports to Gaming in Turkey.

Gaming in Turkey, which was established in 2015 and brings together online game professionals under a single roof with its team with 12 years of industry experience; It is shown as Turkey’s best gaming and esports agency with its dozens of successful projects both in domestic and international platforms, reports that made a sound in the sector, and events bearing its signature.

Ömer Suner, Ozan’s CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, said the following about the cooperation with Gaming in Turkey: This collaboration we have made with Gaming in Turkey has been the first step of our projects that will make a lot of noise both in Turkey and internationally. We are excited and highly motivated. As Ozan, we are aware of the importance given to the game world and platforms in Turkey, and of course, we are preparing to take our place at the forefront of these platforms. ”

OZAN Will Offer Many Advantages to Players

Underlining that the number of actors in Turkey has increased dramatically, especially in the last two years, Ömer Suner continued his words as follows: : “Currently, the number of people actively playing games in Turkey has exceeded 32 million, that is, 38% of the population is ‘gamers’ at different levels. This is a very serious rate. So there is so much to do. At this point, our cooperation with Turkey’s best esports and gaming agency Gaming in Turkey has been one of the best strategic moves we have made. “

Ozan Aydemir, the founder of Gaming in Turkey, stated that they are very excited about this cooperation: As the Gaming in Turkey team, we have a considerable experience of more than 12 years in the fields of gaming and esports. With this cooperation we have made with Ozan, we will undertake exciting projects that will make a lot of noise in local and international platforms. Aydemir, the founder of Gaming in Turkey, which steers the gaming industry in Turkey with the reports they publish; “ We have already started to build a completely different world with the Ozan team. There is so much we can do for this world. The road is long but very exciting. We are confident that we will take part in beautiful projects with Ozan and that we will work together with a full team spirit.”

About OZAN:

“OZAN”, a new generation financial technologies (fintech) initiative, was established to bring end users and small and medium-sized enterprises together with financial services. OZAN, which started its activities as a licensed institution in 2020 under the supervision and control of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), carries out all its R&D studies in Turkey. “OZAN”, which also has an e-money license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK within the scope of Electronic Money Regulations (FRN 900482), offers end users an account opening, money transfer, contactless payment, mobile wallet, as well as pre-paid card. While providing services such as domestic and international bill payment, online gift cards and e-pin, it aims to bring small and medium-sized enterprises together with financial services with Virtual POS and Mobile POS products in addition to these solutions.

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