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Ok, so I know that many of you don’t take

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Ok, so I know that many of you don t take the Tavern Brawls too seriously and only play it to get the pack, but these co-op brawls are by far my favorite ones and I always get a little cranky when my opponent makes an extremely bad play. Therefore, I would like to present my tips for this week s tavern brawl:

Tips for both classes:

-hard mulligan for 3 and 4 drops. You NEED the early game to stop the first few party crashers from getting out of hand. Arcane golem, Mukla and Terrorguard Escapee are the best ones to have. Whoever has the coin should generally use it to get one of these drops out in turn 2 (unless they have no follow up in their actual turn 3). Prize vendor is also good but not as helpful in killing the 3/5 s early on.

-Preserving your face life trumps all. NEVER use targeted healing on a minion instead (I ve seen healing touch used to restore THREE health to a minion…tragic moment, that was).

-In fact, its good to delay playing your healing/armor gain for as long as you can. Combo ing them with solar eclipse or Omu or plagarize is what you should be aiming to do.

-Despite having spent hours on the brawl, I still haven t figured out exactly when the pinata triggers the “deal 2 damage to everything” effect. All I can say here is that, when the pinata s health is getting into the 40-70 range, try and avoid ending your turn with any 2 health minions, and if you do have some, smash the pinata with em. This effect seems to only triggers ONCE (in my experience), so when it does, your low health minions are safe from then on.

-Both players should be aiming to build a big board BEFORE triggering the pinata. This means playing Supreme Abyssal, the Beast, frostwolf warlord and other big minions in your hand before finishing decorating the tavern. You want to be able to deal with the 5/7 crashers right when they spawn.

-At the end of your turn, a party crasher will ALWAYS spawn on your OPPONENT S side of the board. This means that, if your opponent has 6 minions and 1 party crasher on their side during your turn, DO NOT kill the party crasher on their side; it will just respawn as soon as you click end turn. Obviously there are exceptions to this, like if your hand is full and you need to kill off your minion to play another.

-However, the above information can be exploited, notably by Terrorguard Escapee. If you play TE when your opponent has 4-6 minions and NO crashers, you can fill their board and a crasher will NOT spawn on their side when you end your turn. Since both sides have TE, you could potentially enter a state where neither player has any crashers b/c they both have full boards, giving players time to reach 10 mana and to wait for a suitable time to summon the pinata.

-At the end of your turn, the party crashers on YOUR side will attack your opponent. This means that is is generally desirable to kill the crashers on your side during your turn if you can to prevent that damage. Ways to do this include Lunar eclipse, Naturalize, Shadowstep, and corrupted Circus medic.

-Circus medic should generally not be corrupted though. For me, the healing has almost always been more important than the damage and I always try to play them before corrupting them.

-If your opponent has no party crashers, your minions cannot attack (if the pinata isn t out yet). This means, if your opponent has a K thir Ritualist and you want to trade something into it to free up space on your board, do that trade FIRST; as soon as you kill your opponent s party crashers, your minions that haven t attacked won t be able to, even if your opponent has other taunt minions.

If playing as Druid:

– You are the main healer AND also the main damage dealer. Your goal is twofold: to keep both players alive (by duplicating their healing touches/cenarion wards with solar eclipse and plagarize), and to build up a big board (using survival of the fittest) that can smash into the pinata when it spawns.

-Besides the healing, the most important card in your deck is probably forest warden Omu. It enables so many amazing turns for you. There is also zero danger of it dying on your opponent s turn, so you can safely play it the turn before you want to trigger it. Some of it s best uses include:

Turn 7; overgrowth or nourish (choose mana crystals) into supreme abyssal

Turn 10+; use up 8 mana (presumably on minions), then solar eclipse into survival of the fittest

Playing it after the rogue plays plagarize gives them an Omu, which makes things crazier! (in a good way)

-Naturalize should be used on party crashers on YOUR side of the board generally to prevent the damage they will do right after your turn. An exception is if your opponent has a big board and can easily kill your crashers, but you have a small board and can t kill the opposing crashers easily, then use it on the opposing ones. Naturalize also goes nicely with the Keymaster, just don t play it if you have more than 7 cards in hand!

-Solar eclipse should really only be used with cenarion ward, healing touch or survival of the fittest; it just doesn t do enough with most of the other spells that druid has got.

If playing as Rogue:

-Honestly, your role is secondary. You just need to stay alive and help the druid whittle down the pinata when it shows up, as well as supply the druid with more cards when his hand is running low (coldlight oracle).

-The most important card in your deck is plagarize. It gives you access to the druidy stuff (healing, combos). If the druid plays Omu and passes their turn without triggering it, you usually want to play plagarize right then, since a big combo turn is likely coming up next. Be sure to empty your hand as much as possible when you play this; any druid player with common sense will try to give you as many cards as they can. In fact, it is correct (IMO) for the druid to fill up your hand with their cards if they are good cards; generally, the card that the rogue burns is worse than the extra healing touch or solar eclipse that the druid gives them and I think that risk is worth taking.

-You have access to sap and shadowstep. Use them liberally! I usually use them to kill party crashers; there is nothing wrong with shadowstepping or sapping a crasher in turn 3! This early on, you probably cant kill it anytime soon with minions, so getting rid of it early could prevent 6 or 9 or 12 face damage! They are also useful for bringing back other minions, but I honestly rarely use them that way. There is ONE exception: I will often sap my opponent s Omu so they can have another big mana turn. In all my hours of playing this brawl, I think I have only shadowstepped something that wasn t a crasher once. To me, is is just crasher removal.

-Ogremancer has the same function as TE; your opponent can cast spells to fill your board so a crasher wont spawn there. Other than that, its not great. Try not to play this on curve unless you have nothing else; it has low attack and cant kill crashers by itself very well. Its better in the late game when your opponent can cast lots of spells.

Some final thoughts:

-I am surprised that this happens as often as it did to me, but the rogue player should NOT overdraw the druid; the risk of burning key cards like healing touch, Omu, or cenarion ward is too high.

-Both players have Keymaster. Therefore, hands often get pretty full. In well over half the games I played as rogue, I held on to coldlight oracle for the entire game without playing it b/c neither player s hand ever came close to being empty because of keymasters. It is important to spend the entire early-mid game just throwing down minions. You need your hand size to be low for the eventual keymaster (and plagarize) shennanigans that will probably happen!

-Be EXTREMELY mindful of when finishing decorating the tavern. if you have a full board on your turn, and YOU finish decorating the tavern, your board will be WIPED when the pinata spawns. If your opponent has a full board and YOU finish decorating the tavern, their board will NOT be wiped and they have a turn to swing into the pinata with their full board.

-If the druid can get a plagarize off of keymaster, the players can repeatedly bounce healing. This is done by the rogue playing plagarize, then the druid playing his plagarize and maybe a healing touch/cenarion ward. This gives the rogue the healing touch/cenarion ward AND another plagarize. The rogue can then play them both into the druid s plagarize, which creates an endless healing/plagarize loop as long as both players have the hand space.

I know that was long, but I enjoyed writing it and I hope at least some of you enjoy reading it! Obviously there are exceptions to (probably) every single point I made, but these tips are just in general.