Game News · August 24, 2021 0

Official Trailer of Shadow Warrior 3 Released

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A few days ago, rumors about the upcoming announcement of a new game by Flying Wild Hog were confirmed. Devolver Digital has released a teaser trailer for Shadow Warrior 3. Lo Wang is praising the new graphics in the trailer, announcing that there will be a gameplay video and giving us some action. The gameplay video will be released on Twitch on July 11.

The description of the video also reveals something about the plot of the third game. This time, Lo Wang is chasing an ancient dragon that the hero unwittingly released. This will give us an excuse to travel to new places and fight hordes of dread as always. Also in the game there will be a hook that will significantly increase the mobility of the hero. Details will be announced this Saturday and the game will be released in 2021 (on Steam and other platforms).