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Now You Can Check Out the Contents of the FIFA Ultimate Team Pack Before You Buy

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EA Sports is trying something new during the FUTball Festival events with the FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT packs. Starting June 18th, the FUT store is replacing all packages with new previewable versions. None of the possible cards in the packs have changed, but you can now browse the actual contents of the pack in the shop before making a purchase.

Here’s how it works, according to a post on EA’s FIFA site: “In the FUT Store, you can select a Preview Pack to preview its content. It is important to note that by previewing a pack, you have not yet decided to use FUT Tokens or FIFA Points to purchase the pack. Note the highlighted sections below that indicate the package you selected is the Preview Package. ”

Looking at the contents of a FUT pack gives you the option to purchase it or hold it in store. Fortunately, there’s no cost to preview a pack, but if you decide not to purchase a previously opted out pack, you’ll have to wait for a timer to expire. When this pack expires, it will be refreshed to a new set of content. The pack will show some of its cards in the shop window to indicate that it’s being previewed. We should also note that a previewed pack does not reveal whether its content contains duplicate items that may be in the owner’s collection, but when you purchase a duplicate pack, they can be treated like extras from any other pack.

EA plans to have Preview packs an ongoing staple in the FUT store for the rest of the FUTball Festival, which runs until July 16.

This is definitely an interesting way to remove the completely blind aspects of buying digital random items. EA has been the focus of investigations and lawsuits regarding this particular app in the past, with some comparing the app to gambling, and EA has even gone to the lengths of limiting microtransactions in the latest FIFA game. Giving players a little more power over how they spend money on loot boxes is helpful, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to make loot boxes fair. Regardless, it’s definitely a step in a more consumer-friendly direction.