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New Samsung and Apple Smartphones Will Be Sold Without Charger

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Evolutionary changes in smartphones can sometimes cause controversy. Embedded batteries, curved screens (due to making it harder to install safety glass), or the lack of a jack input were controversial at the time. It may seem difficult for many to accept what Samsung and Apple are currently preparing for. Imagine not being able to find a charger for a few hundred pounds next to your new device.

SamMobile has written about Samsung’s new smartphone box content plans. The company is considering not supplying a charger with the box. Hearing that the previously announced iPhone 12 will not provide the headset and charger in the box, Samsung may have made the same attempt. There are days when we will see that there will be nothing but a phone and a cable in the box.

Let’s consider why such changes can occur. If we take Samsung, we can give an example of the cost reduction required due to the price of 5G modules installed in new devices. There is also a debate about tackling electronic waste. The company believes that everyone has several chargers at home right now. On the iPhone 12 side, some users think that the idea of ​​a small box design, including the device, has been taken.

Perhaps this strategy is about changing the market for smartphone accessories. Deprivation of this essential component can increase sales of original power supplies or spare parts from other brands. Maybe many users will consider buying an induction charger. We personally are not entirely convinced by the claim of cost reduction. Chargers used in smartphones are a common and inexpensive technology. You can look at the prices of such accessories to see how little they are worth in a set of smartphones. While this sounds logical on low-budget phones, does it really make sense in terms of devices worth tens of thousands of dollars?