Game Modes · August 19, 2021 0

New Hero ‘Lahn’ Now Available in Shadow Arena!

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The new hero Lahn, which was announced to be included in the game recently, is now a part of the fight in the Shadow Arena! With different new special abilities, Lahn will provide many advantages for players to defend themselves. Players can enjoy the Ancient Weapon mod with the arrival of this new hero.

Pearl Abyss announced today that new hero Lahn has joined the fight in the Shadow Arena universe. Players will now be able to play with the game’s 12th character and use their powerful abilities to effectively take down their opponents.

Using the Crescent Pendulum weapon, the new hero Lahn can strategically target his enemies while manipulating the space between himself and his opponents. He also leaps and glides through the air at long range, allowing him to target his attacks or leave the battlefield with this special ability.

Prove Your Strength in Shadow Arena with Ancient Weapon Mod

In addition to Lahn’s arrival, a new Ancient Weapon mod has been introduced in the Shadow Arena. Players will start this new mode with Laytenn Power Core and Puturum Power Core, which can be used to obtain Ancient Weapons Laytenn and Puturum.

However, a Boost feature is also included in the game. When players die on the battlefield, the Support button will appear and they will be able to cheer on another player. Players will be able to earn 2 Silver Coins when the player they support defeats an opponent. At the end of the game, the winner will receive Silver Coins according to the number of players who support him.

You can watch Lahn’s promotional video and visit the official website, Discord, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for more information.