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New Google Chrome Feature Extends Battery Life by Up to 2 Hours

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JavaScript running in browsers can significantly reduce our laptop’s battery life. This has been proven as a result of trials by Google. By limiting scripts from running in background tabs, power consumption has been significantly reduced, extending the runtime to up to two hours.

JavaScript (JS) is a language used by pages to display interactive elements, animations, but often for examining user behavior (e.g. page scrolling, cursor position). Such scripts always run, consuming resources even on inactive tabs. Google is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it. The effect is already visible in the form of an experimental function available in Chrome since version 86. Its job is to limit JavaScript activity on background tabs.

The trick is to limit the script refresh to once per minute if the page is placed in the background. For this, an experiment was conducted in which 36 random pages were opened in bookmarks with an active blank page. It turns out that when the run limit on inactive bookmarks is enabled, battery life increases by up to 28%. The test equipment gained about 2 hours of battery life.

It may be difficult to achieve similar results in conditions far away from these tests. Probably not many people run a blank page with 36 tabs at once. This was also confirmed by another test with active YouTube, where battery life increased by 13%. Resource optimization is always on. You can launch it in Chrome by typing chrome://flags in the address field for the function.