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New Class, Pirate Corsair Coming to All Black Desert Platforms

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Corsair, New Pirate Class Coming to All Black Desert Platforms! Pearl Abyss announced that the new pirate class Corsair is now available on all Black Desert platforms. Adventurers can now play with this pirate class and start exploring the vast oceans of Black Desert.

New Pirate Class Corsair

Corsair became lord of the seas after discovering the ocean’s treasure with the Crow Family Heirloom. Born into a wealthy and prosperous family, Corsair will be free-spirited and extroverted, eager for freedom and adventure.

Corsair will be the second class to be broadcast simultaneously worldwide after the Nova class. Thanks to interacting with the ocean while using her skills, it will be the perfect class for the summer season. As his main weapon, Corsair will use the Serenaka, a flexible sword that can reach an incredible length. She will also be able to bring powerful waves to crush her enemies, using her sub-weapon Mareka, a magical marine object she uses to transform herself into a mermaid.

The Exciting Summer Season Begins

Also, Black Desert is starting the Summer Season on PC and console platforms. The special season returns with even more perks and rewards. Adventurers will be able to transfer the equipment and level of the Season Character they are playing to another character by using the new item Fughar’s Timer. The Progression Pass will also be introduced to allow Adventurers to continue to enjoy growing their characters even after the Summer Season is over.

To celebrate the arrival of Corsair, each platform will hold its own in-game events that will reward Adventurers with special items. You can find more information about the new class and special events on the Black Desert official websites for PC, mobile and console.

Black Desert TurkeyMENA: tr. playblackdesert. com

Black Desert Mobile: world. blackdesertm. com

Black Desert Console: console. playblackdesert. com

Corsair Developer Comment: https://youtu. be/9Umduzcn_T0