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Minecraft Dungeons Will Get Two Major Updates Next Month

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Minecraft Dungeons will receive an update on September 8, 2020, adding two major innovations to the base game. One will be a new paid DLC pack, and the other will be a free update for all players on Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4.

The DLC pack is called Creeping Winter, and as you might expect, it brings the theme of ice to the world of Minecraft Dungeons. New enemies and environments will be added to the game, along with weapons, armor, and artifacts for you to find.

Jungle Awakens, the game’s first DLC, was released in July.

Another free update that will be released the same day will include new vendors and daily trials. Merchants include Blacksmith (who can upgrade items) and Gift Wrapper (which lets you send gifts to other players).

A physical release for the game has also been announced, including both DLC packs. The “Hero Edition” will also be available on September 8 for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.