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Marvel’s 616: First Images For The New Disney+ Series

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Comic-Con Home has released behind-the-scenes footage of Marvel’s new series, Marvel 616, that will take fans through the history of the Marvel universe. The show will be an anthology series designed to present new stories from the creators of some of Marvel’s most iconic characters and stories, and each episode will be directed by different filmmakers. Sara Amos, Marvel’s Vice President of New Media Development, said, “If you look at Marvel’s 80-year history, an Iron Man story feels very different from a Jessica Jones storefront. All of our characters have a different tone. So when we look back at our nonfiction stories, it’s to pay homage to that tradition. We wanted it.”

“We have a lot of fans who know our history, right? We wanted to surprise them with some surprises. But we also wanted to bring together some details that the casual Marvel fan would love.”

Here you can check out clips of the show below.

In the first clip from the fourth episode, titled “Lost and Found,” directed by Paul Scheer, we see legendary Marvel creators like Reginald Hudlin, G. Willow Wilson and Gerry Dugan get candid about their work and inspiration.

Directed by Gillian Jacobs, Chapter 2 is entirely dedicated to Kamala Khan’s creators, G. Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat, who present their personal stories from their time creating Kamala. Kamala has definitely come a long way from her comic book roots and will be starring in the upcoming Avengers video game.

All 8 episodes of Marvel 616 will air exclusively on Disney+.