Game News · August 23, 2021 0

Manor Lords Influences the Player Community

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A few days ago, the medieval game Manor Lords was announced. This game is a new real time strategy game with some city builder elements. The project is being developed by the giant Polish studio Slav Magic. The developer recently released the trailer for its game, which was warmly received by many gamers. It attracted more than 6,000 users on Reddit, and most of them admitted that they were looking forward to the game. With more than 100,000 people watching the trailer for the game on YouTube, the creators must have been so proud. The game will be released on PC this fall and is currently wishlisting on Steam.

The developer team has been working on the game on its own for three years, and the material shows that the game is quite ambitious. The game was developed on the Unreal Engine, and the developer paid attention to the realistic behavior of units during battles (the so-called motion capture), high-quality graphics (photogrammetry), physics and destruction of the environment.

In Manor Lords, players will be able to participate in two main events. These will be events for building cities and settlements and waging massive battles in real time. In the first case, emphasis was placed on freedom of expansion, where trade routes were most important for the city development direction. In addition, the battles will be very realistic and the caravan routes will be affected by things like weather, morale or army fatigue. A properly chosen strategy will allow us to defeat even larger armies. The full version of the game will also include cavalry units, siege machines and gunpowder weapons.