Game News · September 10, 2021 0

Logitech Announces Gaming Wheel G923

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 Switzerland-based Logitech, which produces computer and digital platform parts, was founded on October 2, 1981. Founded by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, Giacomo Marini and Jean-luc Mazzone. The company also manufactures peripheral devices for the computer.

 The game steering wheel and pedals developed for car racing and simulation games have recently become a stopping point for gamers. Logitech has announced the G923 that it will release in the coming days, similar to the G920 and G29 it has launched in previous years, but with many new features.

 The game wheel named G923 will have a power system supported by TrueForce, unlike other game wheels. Logitech’s new game wheel, which works in harmony with the gameplay mechanics of the games, offers a more realistic use. The fact that it will detect and feel the pit or bump on the roads you pass while driving the car in the game makes the G923 unique.  The game wheel G923, which is expected to be released in August this year, will be released by Logitech, with a price of $ 399.99.