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Let’s take a look at GTA since its first release.

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GTA, the Grand Theft Auto game, is one of the most legendary games that has been followed with interest for more than 20 years since the day it took its place on the market and every version is still played. What makes GTA so special is that it comes with revolutionary developments in the game world with every version it releases.

In this article, we wanted to take a brief look at the GTAs from the past to the present, while the rumors of GTA 6 continue. Let’s take a short journey together in the GTA universe.

Grand Theft Auto (1997)

The first game of the series was published in 1997 as Grand Theft Auto. It was developed in the UK by the Rockstar North company, which was then called DMA Design, and the release of the game was published by Rockstar Games. The first game of the series was the first game made with the logic of free play, such as driving all the vehicles that appear on the map and interacting with people passing by, as well as performing certain tasks in a free world where the hero is viewed from a bird’s eye view. Grand Theft Auto was nearly canceled before it was released when the first version was released for PC and Playstation 1.

In GTA, all of the tasks from the phones could be followed and the cities of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, which could be visited in 3D, could be visited in 2D. The game was set in 1997. In the first version of GTA, there were only 4 weapons.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (1999)

GTA: London 1969, which is the expansion pack of the first version of GTA, was a game set in London in 1969, as the name suggests. The main logic of the game was the same as GTA 1. Only the vehicles and the atmosphere of the period were more suitable for 1969, GTA: London In 1969, it was possible to see better quality graphics than GTA 1.

GTA: London 1969 was developed by Rockstar Canada. The additional features it offers did not meet the expectations much, except that it includes better quality music compared to the first and the game is longer than the first game.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 (1999)

GTA’s second expansion pack, GTA: London 1961, is a game set in England in 1961, as the name suggests. It is possible to say that the only difference from the 1969 package in the game, which is very similar to GTA: London 1969, is the addition of the city of Manchester as a new map.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999)

Although it is the second game of the series, if we do not consider the expansion packs, we now have a fixed main character and a story in the second game, GTA 2. We first encountered in this game what we will see in many of the later games of GTA. For example, we can say that we started to see the hallmarks of the GTA series in GTA 2 for the first time, such as gang wars and if you attack the members of a gang, the entire gang becomes your enemy.

Another interesting point about GTA 2 is that the game takes place in 2013. The main hero of the game is Claude Speed, who will later appear in GTA 3. The game had a great impact in the year it was released, and even its intro still remains in our memories.

We can also add that the philosophical background of the game and the criticisms it will bring to the American system in the continuation of the series were first started with this game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001)

There is no doubt that it was GTA 3, the revolutionary game that has placed Rockstar Games, which still has fans and continues to be played all over the world, at the top of the game world for nearly 20 years. The point that made the game so high was that it brought a point that was almost a miracle to be imagined in those years, to real life. It was also that he moved from a 2D camera view to a 3D camera angle, moving the character to an open world that allowed him to almost control it through his eyes.

In the game, just like in GTA 2, our main character, Claude Speed, was controlled and the story was shaped around him. In GTA 3, which takes place in Liberty City, the game’s equivalent of which is New York, it was a pleasure in itself to be able to drive all vehicles and listen to hundreds of songs on dozens of different radios playing in these vehicles, in addition to perhaps hundreds of missions that determine the main story.

Undoubtedly, perhaps even the creator of the game, Rockstar Games, did not expect the game to be so popular and still be played in the intervening 20 years.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

It’s time for GTA Vice City, which we can call perhaps the most entertaining game of the series. In the game, we visited Vice City, the second of the cities we saw in 2D, and it was a pleasure in itself to visit the cities consisting of 3 different sides with the newly added air and sea vehicles.

The game contained all the elements of the 80s and made its players experience them. When the atmosphere of the Miami of the period, the dressing of the characters and the purchasing of places that we will see in the game for the first time are added to this, Vice City has become a game that is a candidate to become a phenomenon on its own.

In Gta Vice City, with our hero Tommy Vercetti, we find inspirations from Scarface in 1986, from films such as Miami Vice and Goodfellas, and we can drive helicopters with music that fully reflects the period, and at the end of the game we can become the ruler of the whole city.

GTA 3 is a trilogy of GTA Vice City and the next game, GTA San Andreas. Via Steam

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

Let’s come to GTA San Andreas, another legendary game of the series. This is one of the GTA games that has created its own audience just like Vice City and is still enjoyed even though it was released in 2004.

The play can be seen as a complete system critique, revealing the struggles of American gangs with each other and their dirty relations with the police. In GTA San Andreas, our main character is Carl Johnson aka CJ. You and CJ take part in the gangsta gangs of 1992, and in other parts of the game, we go to other cities that make up the state of San Andreas, and finally we finish the game in the city of Los Santos, where our home is located.

Compared to other GTA games, the game has attracted such attention with its hugely large map, story and new vehicles that can be driven. However, with the description of the lives of African American individuals, GTA San Andreas has managed to create its own audience. San Andreas takes place in 1992.

Another revolutionary feature of the game was the customization of the character. The character could be dressed from head to toe, increased muscle mass in the gym, and even made to be overly fat by making him eat too much. This, of course, can be shown as one of the most important reasons why the game attracts so much attention.

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Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004)

GTA Advance, the 8th game in the series, is a game that can only be compared to GTA 1 in terms of graphics. This game is a GTA version produced for gameboys, which was very popular at that time.

The game was the subject of GTA 3 a year ago, and the game was set in Liberty City, just like GTA 3. The main character’s name was Mike.

Although it is a game produced for the gameboy, such a game did not attract the expected attention in a series that went into 3D and produced masterpiece games such as Vice City and San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005)

Again, as the name suggests, it is a GTA game set in Liberty City. It is a game released to be played on PSPs, which was very popular at that time. In GTA: Liberty City Stories, which can be considered as an improved version of GTA 3, our main hero is Toni.

Unlike GTA 3, it was possible to ride a motorcycle in GTA Liberty City Stories, and the game was set in 1998 in Liberty City, just like in GTA 3.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006)

GTA Vice City Stories, another game produced by focusing on PSP users, is intended for those who want to enjoy Vice City again. The game tells the stories of 1984, 2 years before Tommy, in the city of Tommy Vercetti, Vice City.

Victor Vance, the brother of Lance Vance, who disappointed us greatly in GTA Vice City, was our main hero in GTA Vice City Stories. As it is known, during the dirty trade at the beginning of GTA Vice City, Victor Vance died in the ambush.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

GTA IV may be the second game in the series, which can be considered revolutionary. As a matter of fact, with GTA IV, incredible graphics entered the game world.

Another revolutionary innovation in the game, which pushed the limits of realism with its graphics, was the online play feature. As a matter of fact, in GTA IV, it was possible to mutually enjoy GTA over the internet with the people you wanted.

Of course, the existence of such an innovation gave GTA a different status, which had not had much to do with the internet until that day, and brought the internet requirement for GTA to the agenda. As a matter of fact, having a fast internet connection can be seen as one of the essential conditions for GTA IV, which is a game that wins even with the technology of the period, online.

Your internet connection speed must be at least 20 Mbps in order for GTA IV, which is still a fan and is played with pleasure all over the world, to be played online in a healthy way. To measure whether your internet connection speed is suitable for playing GTA IV Speedcheck or other similar internet connection tools.

Our main character in the game is Eastern European Niko Bellic. Set in Liberty City of 2008, the game offers us a lifelike Liberty City experience.

GTA IV, which is a dazzling production with its story and online mode, is a game that has managed to sell millions of copies all over the world.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (2009)

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, one of the expansion packs of GTA IV, was first released for the Xbox 360 game console. The game promises its users a gameplay time of close to 20 hours.

In the game, where Johnny Klebitz, one of the motorcycle gang members in Liberty City, was directed as the main character, the taste of riding a motorcycle was satisfying.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009)

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, one of the additional packages of GTA IV, our main character was Luis Fernando Lopez. There were colorful characters in the game, and he was covering some open points in the main story of GTA IV with his unique style.

In the game, different and advanced new weapons, new vehicles, modified features of new vehicles and fun activities have been introduced, and Liberty City has been tried to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009)

The game is generally produced for portable handheld consoles. GTA Chinatown Wars game, which offers a lot of fun to players who have Nintendo DS in particular, offers impressive graphics even though it has a camera angle looking from above. At that time, it was the most played game with the newly popular smart phones.

The game, which attracted a lot of attention with the mini activities and games included in it, managed to become one of the productions that were different but expected attention with the style of the GTA series, which managed to attract attention on every platform.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

The production, which gave the right to 4 years between the last game of the GTA series and the game that came before it, was in Los Santos in 2013.

This has managed to become another GTA game series with revolutionary features like GTA IV. As a matter of fact, the feature that makes GTA V revolutionary is that the players are given the opportunity to manage 3 different characters at the same time in the game.

Again, in GTA V, which offers the opportunity to play against each other online, just like in GTA IV, the problems experienced in GTA IV from time to time have been overcome and the game has been released in an optimized form to be played over the internet on all operating systems.

It has managed to be one of the best in the GTA series, especially with its graphics and its fiction that advances and combines 3 different stories, and has managed to sell millions since its first release. GTA V, a game that will continue to be played with more interest for many years with these features, has also managed to raise the expectations from GTA 6, which has not yet come, as one of the rare examples of the series.

Interesting facts about the GTA series

  • All series of GTA have sold more than 250 million copies in total.
  • The characters Ryder and OG Loc in San Andreas were inspired by real rappers during the design.
  • Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, claiming that she is the cover girl in GTA V.
  • GTA V’s scenario consists of more than 3500 pages and 160,000 lines of dialogue. GTA IV, the game of the same series, which is its closest competitor, had 80,000 lines of dialogue.
  • GTA V grossed 1 billion dollars within 3 days of its first release. During the development of the game, a huge budget of 137 million dollars was spent. This situation alone shows us the incredible size that the gaming industry has come to.
  • The mysteries and tricks of each game have been going on in the languages ​​of the players for years. There is no limit to what can be done in San Andreas, especially with his tricks. It will increase the variety of cars in San Andreas San Andreas car cheats is one of the most popular cheats.