Game News · September 9, 2021 0

League of Legends New Champion Yone Introduced

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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to see another champion coming to League of Legends, Yone. The creators of Riot Games have officially presented the abilities of this character and introduced its story in a 10-minute animation (you can watch it below). Despite this, many LoL players have stated that Yone will probably be a champion they would not want to play.

The new champion of League of Legends, Yone, is the brother of the famous Yasuo, whose mechanics we need to master very well in order to play at a good level. Many players shell out that Yasuo has become a nuisance at some point. Usually when one of your teammates picks Yasuo, he thinks he will not be able to play. Yone’s abilities are also designed similarly to Yasuo’s (because he’s brothers) and many players point out that this new hero could be another problematic character in League.

His skills include moving quickly over short distances, “swinging” swords in every possible direction and dealing damage. While experienced players are capable of dealing a lot of damage with Yone, inexperienced players see the champion as useless. You can find all of Yone’s skills in the video below. The champion will be in the game with patch 10.16, scheduled for release in less than two weeks.