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League of Legends Champion Lillia Officially Announced

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At the beginning of the year, Riot Games released a special video about the new heroes that will enter League of Legends in the 2020 season. Another jungler was mentioned in the video made by the creators of the popular MOBA. About six months after the event, the new champion was finally officially announced. Meet Lillia, the 149th champion of League of Legends.

Lillia is a horse-like creature with a human head. The champion spends his whole life alone in an enchanted forest. Instead of her mother, the Dream Tree, fed by the dreams of various beings, takes care of her. Unfortunately, dreams suddenly fail to reach Lilia’s parent, the Dream Tree, and the Dream Tree falls ill. The brave champion decides to leave his sanctuary and embarks on a journey with a magic twig in hand to put other creatures to sleep, collect his dreams in a special ball attached to the bottom of his gun, and return them to his mother, the Dream Tree. The Dream Tree needs enough energy to continue living.

You can read Lillia’s full official biography here. You can watch the animated movie about the champion prepared by League of Legends below.

Lillia’s passive ability Dream-Laden Bough applies Dream Dust to all targets hit by her abilities. Deals gradual magic damage based on the victim’s maximum health.

The Q ability will be called Lillia Blooming Blows. Lillia waves her twig, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and physical damage to the edge of the circle she creates. When the attack is successful, the champion’s Movement Speed ​​is increased.

Watch out for the W ability! This ability will unleash a powerful attack that deals magic damage to all enemies within range of the Champion. Those closer to the center of the attack will take heavier damage.

The E ability causes Lillia to fire a vortex of seeds that will damage her enemy and slow them for a period of time after hitting them. This skill is called Swirlseed.

Finally, her R ability will activate Lillie’s strongest attack, called the Liting Lullaby. Lillia will send out a lullaby sprinkled on Sleepy Dust that will impress all champions. Affected champions get progressively slower until they eventually fall asleep for a while. If they are attacked in this state, they take more damage.

Lillia will be broadcast for the first time on July 22 with the start of the Spirit Blossom Summer Event. In addition to the new champion, alternative skins will be released for Yasuo, Teemo, Thresh and Vayne. You can see them below.