Overwatch · June 11, 2021 10

Just gotta cry about it real quick.There’s just no fun

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Just gotta cry about it real quick.

There’s just no fun when you’re doing the absolute best you can as a healer and you’re team is still getting shit on somehow. It just hurts to pump out 15k healing in 10 minutes and still lose every single game.

At this point, I’m genuinely asking, how do you climb? I hate to sound egotistical, but I’m rarely ever the reason why we’re losing and yet I’m still dropping sr. I just don’t see how it’s possible to climb anymore at this point.

Im about to just give up for good 😕 been playing since day 1, 12k healing per 10 on all my mains, I have good game sense. Sure I have some bad games too just like everyone else but I just feel like I’m always getting the shit end of the stick every single time with matchmaking, whether it’s lfg or solo queuing.

After all that whining, you can roast me or whatever in the comments, but any advice or group up requests are appreciated.