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Intriguing Black Desert Turkey&MENA Game Contents Coming

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Adventurers continue to explore new places in Black Desert TurkeyMENA. A great mystery in the Black Desert universe, the Crow’s Nest now invites brave Adventurers to fight monsters to earn rewards!

Pearl Abyss announced today that the intriguing and tactical-based Crow’s Nest and Eternal Pit content have arrived in Black Desert TurkeyMENA. Adventurers will now be able to explore the mysterious island and fight various monsters.

The Crow’s Nest is set in the Black Desert universe as a mysterious misty island that many sailors wanted to find but failed to return. Thanks to the Velia Blacksmith, Adventurers will have the chance to explore this mysterious island by following a strange story told by the blacksmith. The story will allow Adventurers to come together with the founder of the Crow Merchants Guild, the “First Crow” and his most precious treasure, the Hall of Heroes. They will also be able to join the Eternal Pit battle arena.

Crow’s Nest to be Celebrated with Special Events

Special in-game events will take place to celebrate the Crow’s Nest update. Until July 29, Lv. Adventurers who are 56th or higher will be able to earn rewards by taking event quests in Velia. They will also be able to obtain 10 Eternal Tokens that will be used as a key to open the Crow Shop by completing the special Eternal Pit quest.

In addition, World Boss Vell, which only appears once a week, will additionally appear in the game on Thursdays until further notice. Adventurers will now be able to enjoy challenging World Bosses more often and get various rewards by defeating monsters.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Black Desert TurkeyMENA.