Game News · September 6, 2021 0

Hyper Scape Open Beta Released for Everyone!

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In the Ubisoft Forward presentation organized by Ubisoft last Sunday, new details about the company’s new game Hyper Scape took place. Although the company has not yet given a release date for the game, it has announced that it has opened the ongoing Hyper Scape beta.

Hyper Scape beta is now playable for all players on PC. On Ubisoft’s Uplay store

Also, at the launch of the game’s open beta, Ubisoft introduced a new weapon for the game: the Harpy, which is in the SMG category that makes melee even more perfect. In addition, Shockwave is now in the game. This creates an AOE explosion that can destroy other players.

Ubisoft introduced Hyper Scape earlier this month, and the game has been in closed beta on PC since then. To access this closed beta, players had to first link their Ubisoft and Twitch accounts and then watch the Hyper Scape stream. But now, all PC gamers will have a chance to try the upcoming battle royale game.

Although the game hasn’t officially launched yet, Ubisoft has recently released an update for Hyper Scape that includes a number of innovations. Ubisoft announced that after this update, it will follow the game and bring new changes.

There is no clear release date for Hyper Scape yet, but the game is expected to launch this summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.