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Homa Games Announces a Partnership with GameAnalytics for New Hyper-Casual Game

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Hyper-casual streamer Homa Games, HOMAJAM will host the third installment of the series with a ‘game jam’ dedicated to the Arcade Idle genre, a new genre that includes games such as Harvest It, Craft Island and Farm Land. Developed over the last few months, the high-potential subcategory Arcade Idle is a unique combination of hyper-casual and ‘idle’ genres.

Partnership for New Arcade Idle Type

Arcade Idle takes the main features of the idle and adventure genre to create hybrid games with a combination of hyper-casual stamp and attractive metrics. The main purpose of this idle subtype is; Getting rich is collecting resources to expand a region and explore the world. For this reason, games often also have an adventure-like feel. Arcade Idle games not only achieve low CPIs, but also game time metrics that can reach 30+ minutes, by removing all complexity from resource-gathering games and preserving basic interactivity. It basically has simple game mechanics and the inclusion of a playable character increases the game time as players are more active.

Partnering with Facebook Audience Network for previous jam Homa Games, this time one of the most used tools in mobile game development. GameAnalytics and provides participants with the best resources to evaluate their prototypes. All participants will receive the $250,000 grand prize, GameAnalytics’ new market insights tool. GameIntel will be invited to build Arcade Idle prototypes to gain one-year access to and publishing opportunities with Homa Games. A $5,000 reward is offered for posts that offer the best CPI, playtime, and retention metrics.

Opening will be held on 28 June

held in January HOMAJAM

As in , Homa Games welcomes both novice and experienced game creators. Lolita Suleimanova, Head of Marketing and Communications at Homa Games, said: “We believe gaming jams make a lot of sense at hyper-casual. Both hyper-casual and jams are spaces that foster creativity and passion for gaming! We aim to encourage support among them, and our previous events have proven that gaming jams can do just that.”

The opening ceremony will be held on June 28, and participants will have one month to develop their prototypes and submit them on July 28. Homa Games

As with previous jams edited by , attendees will have access to a wealth of resources and training materials. Industry experts will share best practices and trends to help participants benefit from their game.

Registration continues until 30 June. To register and access all event schedule and award categories HOMAJAM Visit Arcade Idle’s official website.