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Halo Infinite Spoilers Came From An Unexpected Source

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As you know, Microsoft will hold an event on July 23, 2020 to announce the first batch of Xbox Series X games. The long-awaited Halo Infinite is also expected to be announced at this event. However, Halo fans may have revealed key Halo Infinite details ahead of the official reveal. However, this emerging information was not gathered from data mining or leaks. The details came from the toys.

Mega Bloks recently revealed the Mega Construx Halo Infinite series, where we expect to see characters like Master Chief and UNSC marines. However, fans on Reddit noted that the toy lineup has also revealed details for the Halo Infinite storyline.

Although the Mega Bloks set may seem harmless, there are actually many interesting details that can be extracted from the Halo Defense Point Showdown Mega Bloks set.

To start off, Brute’s name (second from right) is Hyperius and is thought to be the voice heard in the Halo Infinite teaser.

But what’s more interesting about Hyperius is the helmet seemingly attached to the right shoulder of Spartan Locke, the hero of Halo 5: Guardians. This detail may be information that Locke died as a result of the events in the game.

While all these sets seem to have leaked some solid Halo Infinite details, such as Hyperius’ name and Skiff’s introduction, these details are just speculation.

We hope all these details will be linked when Microsoft unveils the Halo Infinite game towards the end of July.