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GTA Online Bug Makes Players Immortal

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A Reddit user managed to discover an interesting bug in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online game. It turned out that the multiplayer mode for GTA 5 has a bug that makes the player almost immortal. Flyzegaming’s post explains how to handle this bug. However, it should be noted that this passive mode is activated by using a few extra features.

Passive mode in GTA Online allows players to safely travel around the city and its surroundings without fear of being killed by other players (resistant to any damage). But the mod has some limitations. The person using this option is not allowed to wield weapons, perform some missions (e.g. VIP), or participate in some events.

How to enable the bug, here are the step-by-step instructions:

To exploit the bug, we first need to perform the following steps:

  • Find someone using a different weapon model than yours, or replace yours (free aiming with assisted aiming). This is important for a later stage.
  • Go to an Ammu-Nation weapons store.
  • Approach the armor exhibit.
  • Join a player with different control types, accept and leave the team immediately.
  • Choose to kill yourself in the quick select menu.
  • The moment we see the character taking the pills, we must once again join someone with a different weapon model. Once again we have to “accept” and “reject” to join the team and then start spamming the interaction button. At this point the player should be in the armor menu. Then our screen will be black and white.
  • Now wait for the game to teleport us from the store.
  • Immortality is now turned on.

The advantages and disadvantages of the error

Of course, such a mistake has its advantages. Unlike the passive mode, it allows us to perform VIP missions without the risk of someone killing us. In addition, the immortality mode is transferred to the vehicles we use. However, the error has its limitations. For example, we can’t kill other players while they can’t do anything for us (which does justice). But be careful, some NPCs (eg Cops) can still harm us.

Those who want to exploit this bug should probably hurry because the developers will definitely do their best to eliminate the bug as soon as possible.