Game News · August 17, 2021 0

Google Stadia Now Supports Android Devices Wirelessly

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Google’s cloud-based game system, Google Stadia, continues to offer new features to users. Finally, an important feature has been added that will benefit players using Android mobile phones in Stadia games. In the latest update posted on Google Stadia’s community blog, it was announced that the wireless Stadia controller is now compatible with Android devices.

The latest Stadia update currently available lets you use the controller as long as your device and controller are connected to the game Wi-Fi network. Follow the pairing instructions on your screen and you’re ready to experience wireless gaming.

You can also experience sound from your headphones after completing the necessary pairing processes. This feature was a feature that many players have been waiting for a long time, and it has finally arrived.

Four new games have been added to Stadia Pro starting July 1. These games were Crayta, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, SteamWorld Dig and West of Loathing. You can also play these games on your Android phone via a controller.

As you know, the Premiere Edition, designed for users who want to use Stadia on television, has dropped in price recently.