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Ghost of Tsushima Tops Metacritic

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Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most anticipated games of PlayStation 4 players in 2020, was released last week. Reaching 2.4 million sales figures in the first three days, including the day of its release, Ghost of Tsushima has managed to become Sony’s best-released PS4 game so far. It was so liked by the players that the game is now ranked first in Metacritic.

Ghost of Tsushima, which is currently rated by 11,810 players on Metacritic, reached a score of 9.3 out of 10, making it the PS4 game with the highest user rating in Metacritic history. Just after Ghost of Tsushima, The Witcher 3 comes in second place with 9.2 points, and The Last of Us Remastered is in third place with 9.2 points.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, Ghost of Tsushima has a scenario that tells about the 1200s. We will try to save the country in the game where we are the guest of Jin Sakai’s story.

Here is the game story announced by Sony:

“13. At the end of the century, the Mongol Empire razed entire nations to conquer the East. Tsushima Island is the only barrier between the huge Mongolian army, led by the ruthless and cunning General Khotun Khan, and the mainland of Japan.

On the island that was devastated by the first wave of Mongolian attack, samurai warrior Jin Sakai is one of the last surviving members of his clan. He is ready to do whatever it takes to protect people and get his home back. To chart a new path, Ghost must abandon the traditions that made him a warrior and start an extraordinary battle to free Tsushima. ”

The game, which was released last July 17, is currently available for sale on the PlayStation Store. If you want to have the normal version of the game, you have to pay 499 TL. For the Digital Deluxe version, you can pay 569 TL.