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German Aircraft Carriers Are Coming To Wind In World of Warships

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Different content continues to be added to the World of Warships universe with new updates. As part of the new update 0. 9. 6, three historical German aircraft carriers are entering the game in Early Access. Wargaming, which has received great acclaim from its players with new content inspired by real history, is launching a new Season of Ranked Battles to increase the competition between them. At the same time, the newly updated Port of Hamburg and other improvements are offered to the players.

World of Warships announced today the release of the new 0.9.6 update, kicking off a new event focused on the long-awaited introduction of German aircraft carriers in Early Access. The new German aircraft carriers are Tier IV Rhein, Tier VI Weser and Tier VIII August von Parseval. All three of these can be obtained by completing special combat missions that can be dropped from German Carriers containers.

A new promotional video has also been released to celebrate the arrival of German aircraft carriers in the game.

https://www. YouTube. com/watch?v=0H3drYeClDk

Historic German aircraft carriers featured in World of Warships It was designed during World War II and some were even partially built, but were never deployed or launched. In World of Warships, this new type of ammunition, attack aircraft, is equipped with armor-piercing rockets that, if successful, can severely damage enemy strongholds. German bombers carry armor-piercing bombs that are most effectively dropped on slow targets. Torpedoes are short-range and fast, but only do moderate damage. Although the planes themselves have high cruising speeds, they will meet the players as a bit fragile about HP pools.

Also in the arsenal are German Insignia, which in return can be obtained permanent Iron Cross permanent camo, “Black-White-Red” expandable camo models, credits and signals for Tier X Großer Kurfürst, Tier X Z-52, Tier X Hindenburg and Tier X Manfred von Richthofen, can be obtained by completing special upcoming battle chain quests.

New German Aircraft Carriers Will Win Many Awards

The new German aircraft carriers will be available to players who complete combat missions, as well as through Directives, Daily Posts and containers of German Carriers, which are awarded as rewards while watching live streams. Containers can also drop new “Black-White-Red” expendable camouflage and other rewards.

Also, Update 0. 9. 6 will offer players a completely reworked and renamed Equipment menu. Players can take advantage of a more streamlined interface to manage ship’s upgrades, consumables and modules at a quick glance in a single window. Ships that have not yet been purchased can also be viewed in the new Ship Preview mode. The update also includes many interesting and useful changes that will simplify things for players.

With the 0. 9. 6 update, players will be able to enjoy a lot of new content. This new-to-game update kicks off the Season of 7vs7 Ranked Battles with Tier VIII ships, an updated version of the Port of Hamburg, sound engine and sound effects updates, advanced HDR improvements to Azur Lane, Dragon and Sarushima Base Ports, and Naval Base.

More information on Update 0. 9. 6 can be found here. To sign up for LINK World of Warships for free now http://www. worldofwarships. Go to eu.