Game News · September 13, 2021 0

Explore Renovated Hunting Range and Get Permanent Access in Black Desert Turkey&MENA

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Pearly Abyss announced today that the “Padix Island” Hunting Ground in Black Desert TurkeyMENA has been renewed and they have added an event where Adventurers can play Black Desert for free. Adventurers can seize this opportunity to gain even more power as they explore the world of Black Desert forever.

Padix Island is now a revamped monster territory that welcomes Adventurers with 270 AP or higher. A new type of Mutant Loah Flower also began to bloom on this island, turning Cox Pirates into even more fierce and powerful enemies. Up to two Adventurers will be able to get rewards when Adventurers defeat these monsters as a party. Moreover, the newly added accessory Hypnosis Earring can also be obtained on the island.

Get Permanent Access by Joining the Event

The free event that gives adventurers permanent access to Black Desert TurkeyMENA is back. Both new Adventurers and players playing the game using Guest Coupon can participate in this event. Until September 9, any character in their family is Lv. Adventurers who reach level 50 will be able to get Permanent Access.

Explore the Renovated Hunting Range and Get Permanent Access in Black Desert TurkeyMENA! Finally, Adventurers can now complete special event quests to collect Terrmian Earrings. Those who successfully develop earrings will also have the chance to obtain earrings of the highest quality.