Game News · September 8, 2021 0

Each Player Can Only Order One PlayStation 5

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 A warning message appeared on the website of PlayStation 5, the latest version of the video game console PlayStation developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the message, it was stated that each player would be given the right to order only one PlayStation 5

Sony, a multinational conglomerate of Japanese origin, will launch the new game console PlayStation 5 towards the last quarter of 2020. There have been new developments for the PlayStation 5, which will appear as an RTX supported console. It was stated that each player will be given a maximum of one game console about the PlayStation 5, which has a new development every day, except for its price.

A gamer doing research on PlayStation 5 found a warning message hidden in the source codes of the PS5’s official website. In this message, it was stated that Sony would only be given the right to order one PlayStation 5 per player. It seems that gamers who want to buy PlayStation 5, which is expected to be released towards the end of this year, will not be able to add more than one PlayStation to the basket.