Game News · September 10, 2021 0

Detroit: Become Human Reaches New Sales Record After Release on Steam

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Detroit: Become Human, the last game of Quantic Dream, set a new sales record. The French developer stated in a news release that after the game was released on Steam, it has exceeded 5 million sales on all platforms so far. . The game was also previously released on PC via the Epic Games Store.

Detroit was also released exclusively for PS4, but Quantic Dream has terminated its publishing deal with Sony and now plans to become a multiplatform game developer and publisher.

Quantic Dream also announced that Community Play, Detroit’s Twitch extension, was a huge success. Nearly 500 publishers supported the voting process, which started to change what changes in the game, for players through Twitch. In total, more than 1.5 million votes were cast.

In a press release by Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Quantic Dream’s CEO, he said Detroit received “incredibly positive” feedback in general, but was of particular interest to Asian markets.

The developer does not yet have an official project announcement for the future, but it is thought that the company’s next game will be for the next generation consoles. We will share the developments with you as soon as possible.