Game News · September 7, 2021 0

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light Expansion Postponed To November Due To Coronavirus

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In a statement from Bungie’s official site, players’ next Destiny 2 expansion, called Beyond Light, has been delayed until November 10, two months after its intended launch date, due to the limitations of working from home.

Beyond Light will be one of the most important expansions for the game. As it will be the first expansion released for Destiny 2 without Activision’s involvement, it will usher in a new era for the game, not only in terms of story but also for Bungie. The new storyline plans to answer the questions and issues raised by the new version that came to the game almost three years ago, potentially making it one of the most important releases in the franchise’s history.

Many games in the game world have been postponed due to the pandemic that has affected the whole world in recent months. According to the latest surveys, one in three developers said that their games were delayed due to the pandemic, and 70% of them switched to working from home. Nearly two-thirds claimed that business has declined, stayed the same, or actually increased since the coronavirus restrictions began. The survey also shows that more than half of all respondents believe their productivity has dropped, while working hours have increased.