Game News · September 9, 2021 0

Destiny 2, Beyond Light DLC Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft announced that an important game is coming later this year during its Xbox Series X games event in July. Bungie’s MMO-style shooter Destiny 2 will join Game Pass in September 2020, followed by the Beyond Light expansion following its November release.

Specifically, the Destiny 2 release, due in September, will include all currently available expansions, but season passes will be sold separately. This may include the Season of Arrivals, which has been extended from its original September release date to November. This improvement was made due to Beyond Light, which was delayed from September 10 to November 10.

The announcement also revealed that Destiny 2 will work with xCloud for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, so the game can be streamed to other devices such as smartphones. We’ve also seen a new Stasis trailer showing the game running on Xbox Series X, featuring new powers available to players in the Beyond Light expansion. You’ll use your dark powers to freeze enemies in place so you can smash them and aid your exploration.

Destiny 2 also supports cross-save, so if you’re already playing on PS4, PC or Stadia, you can export your progress to Game Pass on Xbox platforms.